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Starting a Crochet Business

I'm on a bit of a creative journey — in the thick of it, really. The part where your steps forward are measured in millimeters, but you're thankful it's something. I'm currently a 37-year-old wife and toddler mom and it was 10 years ago that I discovered a random gift and passion for crocheting stuffed animals. I want to be a full-time creator and generate a living wage doing it, but I'm currently far from it. I was listening to Cathy Heller's podcast the other day and she was interviewing Brandi Morpurgo of Daisy Chain Book Co. who started a bookstore on wheels. She said something I really resonated with.

"Everyone thought it was a silly idea until they saw it work."

This is exactly how I feel. Maybe it's imposter syndrome, but I think most people look at my "little" business and think, "you're going to make a full-time living from crocheting stuffed animals? Have fun with that." It just a "silly idea" right now, but wait until they see it work. Wait until I discover innovative ways to generate the revenue my family needs to thrive. They'll believe it when they see it. I already believe it. It's a matter of when, not if, for me. Hearing Brandi talk about that was so validating and inspiring. Everything starts with an idea, and this is mine. I'm one of many. Us creators, we all want the same thing — to make a living doing what we love. 

Cathy Heller shared a stat last week that blew my mind. She said 97% of people give up on their dreams too soon and end up working for the 3% that didn't give up. I think the not-so-secret sauce to success is to simply not give up. Don't quit 3 feet from goal. It's those that keep going, that keep moving forward despite the failures that achieve their dreams. Whether it takes them 10 months or 10 years, they're in it for the long haul. Consistency is key. 

That's where I'm at, in the long haul. I started crocheting 10 years ago but I just started taking the business seriously 18 months ago. Of course I want to see the finish line, but there is joy in this journey of mine. The knowledge I have today that I didn't have 18 months ago is absolutely priceless. Heck, I know more today than I knew last week. When I got serious about it and became a sponge for all things business and brainstorming innovating ways to generate revenue —that's when it got real for me, that's when I started to realize it was no longer a pipe dream. This is a legitimate dream and it's one I'm going to reach one day. 

Are you on a similar path? Do you have a creative side hustle you want to turn into a full-time business? Comment below. I would love to hear about it! We're all in this together. 

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