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What Do Crochet Patterns and Ice Cream Have in Common? 🤔

It's easy to get caught up in thoughts like, "There are so many giraffe crochet patterns out there. Why on earth would someone buy mine when there are so many options already, and some are even free?! Why would someone pay for mine? Just another giraffe snuggler pattern in a slew of search results." 

Here's something I realized the other day that turned this thought upside down. 

Walk down the frozen aisle of any grocery store right now and you'll find 20 different brands of ice cream selling mint chocolate chip. They're all offering the same flavor, but each have a different twist, each have their own special recipe, and consumers have their favorite one. They may like Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough but when it comes to mint chocolate chip, it's Blue Bell only. Consumers want the variety. They love the variety. They love having choices. 

So, my giraffe pattern? Yes, it's one of many, but it's uniquely mine. There may be something in my design the others don't have. It may the yarn I used, the placement of my eyes, the little details the others lack. People want to choose their favorite giraffe pattern. They want the variety. They want the choice. Stop thinking you're just going to drown in an oversaturated category. Your design is uniquely yours and for someone, it will be their favorite. 

P.S. My giraffe snuggler and giraffe lovey patterns are now my best sellers! 

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