Can I Contribute to Society With Crochet?

I was struggling with this thought for a few weeks: In my current full-time job I feel like I am genuinely contributing to society in a meaningful way. The work I do matters and that means a lot to me. It has a positive impact on our organization, the local community, and the individuals featured in stories. Then I thought, if I *ever* get to a point that I could support my family with my business, am I being selfish? How would I be contributing to society? It gave me an icky feeling inside to think my small business dream was actually a selfish desire. Then I had a chat with a friend (thank you, KR!) that completely changed my perspective. 

The truth is, writing crochet patterns contributes to society be providing projects for crafters to enjoy in their off time, on the weekends, after the kids are in bed — whenever it is that people find time to crochet, that is time they are not working. It's their "me" time, it's their quiet time, for some it's their favorite time. My designs contribute to people that need a break. People that crochet have chosen crochet as their escape, their break from the hustle and bustle of every day life, their break from long commutes to and from work, their break from the demands others have on them. I am, in fact, contributing to their lives, their creative outlet, and their me time. 

A lot of my customers purchase patterns to make gifts for new babies in the family, or for a niece or nephew's birthday. Others are fellow small business owners that want to sell the finished products. There are children in the world that snuggle with the giraffe lovey I designed every night when they go to bed. There are small business owners that make sales at craft markets and on Etsy from my designs that help them support their families. All of these things contribute to society, and it's pretty darn cool. 

So would I be selfish if I ever had the privilege to design full-time? No! I would just be able to contribute to society that much more. My designs mean something to people and that means so much to me. The peace of mind this new perspective gave me is priceless. ♡

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