10 Podcasts to Grow Your Handmade Business

For two years, I have been binging business and mindset podcasts to grow my online handmade business, and let me tell you – it's working! The amount of actionable, free advice these podcasts provide is truly invaluable. These are my top 10 favorite business podcasts that have helped increase sales in my shops (in no particular order because all are equally wonderful):

  • Business Made Simple: Donald Miller is chock full of great business advice. I absolutely love him. He interviews small business owners and gives them new ideas to grow their business and feedback on how they're currently doing. There are so many good nuggets in his episodes! He taught me the importance of my website's homepage "above the fold" and how your product should solve someone's problem. So interesting! 
  • Grow My Etsy Shop: Jered Robinson is the best Etsy Coach out there, in my opinion. He's a growth marketer so he specializes in how to scale businesses and drive more traffic and sales to your shop. His podcast gets down to the nitty gritty of Etsy ads, SEO, photos, and so much more. New episode comes out every Friday and I'm always tuned in!
  • Product Powerhouse Podcast: Erin Alexander is another Shopify guru! I love all of her advice about tips to improve your Shopify site and how to drive traffic to your shop. She has great guests on the show and gives actionable tips. She taught me that Pinterest is a platform you should not dismiss! It drives a ton of traffic to sites. 
  • The Mindset Mentor: Rob Dial, oh my goodness, I love everything he says! Successful entrepreneurs are not just business-savvy, they take care of themselves, both physically and mentally. Rob gives you such actionable advice to change your mindset, your daily routine, and explains the importance of your energy. I always feel a boost of motivation after listening to his episodes. 
  • The Product Biz Podcast: Monica Little is amazing! I actually signed up for her Etsy course and I'm glad I did. She has great guests on her show and wonderful advice. The best advice I received from her is how your pictures need to incorporate key points from your item description because people don't read item descriptions (at least not most!). I noticed a big difference in sales and traffic after applying this tip!
  • Winning With Shopify: The title says it all. If you have a Shopify site like me, then you've got to listen to these episodes. This is the podcast that taught me that the size of your font is what makes your site get indexed and show up in search results. I had no idea. It made a big difference in traffic to my site after I started using Heading 1 on my product titles. 
  • The Mel Robbins Podcast: Everyone needs Mel Robbins in their life. She's less about business tips and more about mindset, life hacks, daily routines – all the nitty gritty life stuff. For example, she interviews people that talk about the science of exercise and sleep, and how those two things play a role in how you show up for your business. Really good stuff! She has the most interesting guests.
  • The Product Boss Podcast: This is my where my podcast addiction began! I came across The Product Boss in early 2021 and was instantly sucked in. Jacqueline and Minna give SUCH good business advice on everything from photos to email marketing to social media. This is where I learned that you should lean into your best sellers and that 80% of your profit should come from 20% of your products. 
  • The Cathy Heller Podcast: Cathy Heller is just incredible. I don't know how to describe her that would do her justice. The first 2-3 years of her podcast is full of interviews she did with successful business owners, some famous names, but most not. She asks great questions and has such meaningful conversations with her guests. The more recent years she talks a lot of about your energy, abundance, meditation, and how your subconscious mind plays a role in your life and success. I absolutely love her. 
  • Handmade Sellers Podcast: I think I've listened to every single episode from Jenny Hall! I also signed up for a couple of her courses for Etsy. She's a coach with really great advice about SEO. Her podcast is a mix of interviewing Etsy shop owners and giving straight up great advice. Highly recommend, especially if you're a new shop. 

Please take the time to listen to these incredible people that give so much free advice to help grow your shop. I guarantee wouldn't be where I am today without any of them. They have completely turned my business and mindset around, and it shows.

Happy listening!

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